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Children's Computing Work 2018-2019

Our Computing Curriculum                                    Ways to Help at Home                                        Purple Mash

Autumn Term 1 2018

This half term Years 2, 3, 4 & 6 have been enjoying using 2Code on Purple Mash.

Well done to Alisha-Rose in Year 2 for creating this super code with an unders the sea theme!

Click on 'Nemo' the clown fish and see what he is programmed to do.

In Year 4 the children moved on to using IF conditional statements and timers to create repetition in the code. Here Robert has been able to program his knights to guard the gates. 

Taylor-Lacey in Year 3 has used collision detection event blocks to instruct her knight to change direction when he collides with the pillars.



Year 6 have been exploring various forms of input and output. Himasha used an IF/ELSE conditional statement to print to screen two possible outputs depending on the input.

Click here to see Himasha's code. Do you know the answer to Himasha's question? Input your answer to find out what output she has programmed to print to screen. 

Year 1 and Year 5 have been focusing on E-safety.


Year 5 created comic books to share e-safety messages. Here Sam reminds us to only open emails and files from people we know. 

Autumn Term 2  2018

This half term Year 1's main focus has been Information Technology.

The children have been working on a range of skills including typing on an iPad keyboard, using a search engine to find the Purple Mash website, using a username and password to login to their account. They have also used technology purposefully to create an avatar instead of using a profile picture and to organise digital content in the form of a digital shape sorting. 

Alex has made his avatar look like at pirate. Shiver me timbers!

Molly was able to sort and orgainse the shapes into the correct categories with an amazing 36 seconds left from the 2 minute count down. Well done Molly!

Year 2, 3, 4 & 6 started this half term look at different ways of keeping save online.


Year 2 have been finding out what we should do if something worries or upsets us when we are online. The children then made their own comic strips to show what they have learnt.

Click play to hear Gracie-Rose read her Online Safety comic strip.

In Year 4 we having been finding out why it is important to only play games that are age appropriate and how PEGI ratings help us to know which games are suitable for us to play. Watch Jack's presentation to learn more.


Year 3 have been learning about the importance of having a secure and strong password. Here Lola-Rose explains the best way to create a Super Secure Password. 

These year groups then moved on to learning about spreadsheets.

Year 2 have been learning how to use some of the tools featured in the 2Calculate spreadsheet. Zoe has been able to use the tools to add text, numbers, clip art and her own drawings to cells. 



In Year 6 the children have created spreadsheets that will help them to work out the likelihood of a certain number on a die being roled.  Well done to Faye for creating this spreadsheet. With one click she can role 100 dice and the Count tool counts up how many of a specified variable there are in the spreadsheet which Faye can then add into her table. The next job is to add a formula to the table which will show the total for each column. 


Year 3 and Year 4 have been looking at how spreadsheets can be used to help us to work out calculations quickly. Here Alife has used his knowlegde of the how to use the tools and symbols in a spreadsheet to check which coins he can use to pay for different items. 



Year 4 then went on to use the Advanced Mode of 2Calculate spreadsheets which includes cell references. With Christmas on the way they created maps of the North Pole with imagages if things Father Christmas had lost on the way. Their partner then had to identify which cell each item on the map was in so that Father Christmas could find them all again. Well done to Issac and his partner for this example.

Year 5 have been looking at coding.

The children in Year 5 have been using 2Code to undertake a range of tasks designed to work on a variety of different coding skills. For example using IF/ELSE conditional statements, variables, timer codes and making sprites talk. 

Click here to see Gemma and Isla's talking sprite and have a go at answering its question. I love the way they have created their own sprite by taking a photo and digital drawing a face on it. 

Spring Term 1 2018

Year 1 are learning about Algorithms and the importance of giving clear step by step instructions.

Year 2 have been learning how computers can help use answer questions quickly.

Year 2 have been learning how Binary Trees can help us to answer Yes/No questions and then moved on to looking at how a Database can help us to answer more complex questions. 

Year 3 are learning to touch type.

 The children in Year 3 are learning the basics of quick and efficient typing. Using coloured stickers and a colour coordinated keyboard they are practising using the correct fingers for the keys. 

Year 4 have been using computers to write for an audience.

Year 5 used 2Calculate spreadsheets to work out perimeter and area.

Year 6 Enjoyed creating a Blog about William Shakespeare.

Spring Term 2 2019

Year 1 have been Maze Explorers!

Here Jenson has been able to work out in his head the instructions he would need to add to his algorithm move his car to different locations on the map.

Year 2 have been learning about how to use internet and how to search for information.


The children then created leafets to explain the internet to others.

Year 3 have enjoyed learning how to email each other using Purple Mash email. They also learnt how to use email safely. 

Year 4 have been learning the langage of Logo and using it to create shapes and designs.

Click here to see how Robert has created an algorithm to instruct the Logo program to draw a square within a square.

Click here to see how Olivia has used the repeat command to write an efficent code that instructs theLogo program to draw a decagon.

This half term Year 6 have been learning about computer networks and how the computers in our school connect together and to the internet.

Summer Term 1 2019

This half term Year 1 have been computer programmers! They learnt to use coding blocks to input instructions into the computer to create a game or animation. Click on the picture below to play on Toby's bubble popping game.

Year 2 have enjoyed using a paint program to create their own digital versions on Impressionism and Pointillism.

This half term Year 4 have worked hard creating their stop frame animationabout the Ancient Egyptians. 

This half term Year 5 have been creating some fantastic maze video games! Click here to see if you can complete Harlie and Rose's game in the given time.


Year 6 have been learning about binary coding including how to convert from denary to binary and vice versa.


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